This is what our guest cellist Kevin Krentz has to say about the February 12th concert:

Did I just break the rules by programming two lush romantic pieces in one concert? No, I say! One piece is Slavic, by Dvorak, and the other is Russian, by Arensky.  Still not convinced?  Consider this: each piece presents a unique and deeply magical ensemble combination—one having two cellos and the other a bass!
Besides, it’s a Valentine concert, so what better time for a feast of romantic music! Especially when the Arensky features two couples performing together as a quartet. That has to count for something.
What I have done to balance your musical meal is give you a bright crisp apple salad with plenty of tart zing to go with your steak and potatoes. The Weichlein, a kind of “baroque Schubert Quintet”, will introduce to our stage the fabulous Ingrid Matthews, an Internationally known baroque specialist. Although plenty of music during the Baroque period was played by small groups, the pieces were not written for specific set ensembles as they are today. Ingrid has arranged a gorgeous way for our ensemble play this particular piece.
Come watch the courageous Ms. Matthews vault from the Baroque to the Romantic period for the Dvorak, joining Luka, Amber, Haeyoon, Travis and me in a terrific show.
—Kevin Krentz, Artistic Director