And now to January! This is a very special concert that I’ve been looking forward to putting together for a long time. Andy Krikawa is going to sing the heavenly Bach Cantata “Ich Habe Genug” (“It is enough”, or. if you like, “I’ve had enough”). It is based on the story of the old man Simeon, who, upon seeing the infant Jesus, realizes he has beheld the Messiah and is so overcome that he declares he is ready to leave this earth now that he has been so blessed. Dan Williams will play the heavenly oboe obligato that accompanies the baritone.
But that’s not all. Our own Karin Choo will join Dan for a Telemann trio sonata. The two Baroque contemporaries (Bach and Telemann) will then bookend works by two living Baltic composers. Seattle Symphony star chamber music violinist, Artur Girsky, returns for Arvo Part’s amazing “Fratres” (based on medieval-like chord progressions, hence the title). He will then be joined by SSO principal percussionist for Georgs Pelecis’ charming “Blossoming Jasmine” for violin, vibraphone and strings.

Please join us for a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday you won’t forget!