Tory Parker is definitely the best-dressed substitute violinist in the Seattle Symphony (and probably the cutest). With her guitarist husband she makes up the other half of the Parker Duo. Oh, and she also plays beautifully!

Heather Bentley was at Indiana University at the same that I was and we never knew each other! That is testimony to how huge a school of music it is. Now that I’ve met and played with Heather here in Seattle, I feel like I’ve known her my whole life (or perhaps in previous ones). She’s not just a wonderful player, but a wonderful person whom you will want to know personally. Please don’t be afraid to introduce yourselves to any of our artists before, during and after concerts. The personal interaction with audiences makes the performing so much more meaningful and enjoyable. She writes a terrific blog at

Cristina Valdes is one of the most highly respected pianists in the Seattle area, especially in the area of new music. She’s game for anything, musically speaking, and she’s happy to finally be playing a more traditional program with us. We especially appreciate her commitment to doing these concerts considering that she is expecting her first baby at any moment!